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Live Virtual Assistant Plans and Pricing Offered

Our straightforward pricing, no hidden costs, full-feature plans, and scalability help businesses create impactful customer experiences! Every missed call is an opportunity lost for your business to earn new leads, retain existing customers, and generate more profits. Our budget-friendly, live virtual assistant packages are an investment in the direction of bringing the next big client and building a solid business reputation. Wonder what price plan suits your business needs and how you can better customize it? Contact us for a one-on-one consultation.

Starter plan

Starter Plan

50 minutes


Cost per month (CAD)

$1.95/per additional minute 

Standard plan

Standard Plan

200 minutes



Cost per month (CAD)


$1.39/per additional minute

Premium plan

Premium Plan

300 minutes


Cost per month (CAD)

$1.60/ per additional minute 

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