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Contractor Virtual Assistant Services in Southwestern Ontario

Let Quest Answering Service manage your calls and the appointment calendar in Southwestern Ontario. Our agents are on call 24/7, on weekends, holidays, and in the worst weather conditions to ensure that every HVAC customer call is answered promptly and to your specifications. We keep all the information handy for you, from HVAC needs to emergency concerns, and we provide any guidance that you would want your customers to receive. As a result, your business saves on the cost of keeping an in-house team and providing them with ongoing training. Contact us to book a consultation today.

Capture More Leads with Our 24/7 Support 

Our team understands that new leads may be generated from diverse sources. A repeat customer may reach out to you for a faulty heater, or a new prospect can appear after reading reviews online, asking about your HVAC products and installation service. Our call handlers have years of experience in responding to all calls and capturing leads for your business to pursue.

You can also count on our trusted team to transfer the call directly to you for urgent service requests. On the other hand, we can take messages or arrange call-backs for customers that don’t require immediate attention.

Start Your 24/7 Customer Service

Our live virtual assistant services for HVAC and other trade contractors help turn calls into loyal customers and increase revenue.

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